Strength Training

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For many athletes strength training is viewed as cross training, something to do when weather or schedule doesn’t allow for ride. This is a missed opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of a well-designed training program. Strength training has been shown to increase a range of athletic abilities specific to cyclists. One particular study in the Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports determined that after a 16 week training program athletes in the experimental group (those who strength trained) had the follow cycling benefits.

–          45 min Time Trial increased by 8% over control group (those who just road)
–          5 min Time Trial increased by 3-4% over control group
–          Maximal muscle strength increased by 12% over control group
–          Rate of Force Development increased by 20%

Other aspects that were not evaluated were injury rates and quality of body movement, both of which we frequently see highly improved after our athletes participate in properly constructed strength training programs.

Be healthier, faster, and stronger on and off the bike by incorporating strength training into your program. As an introduction to strength training take advantage of a Facility Introduction.

Fitness Fundamentals:
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4 Training Sessions
1 Foam Roller

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STRADA works with Peak Condition, a training facility in Portland, OR. They will contact you shortly once you decide to start training. If you have questions email:

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